Project Description


SSI Securities Corporation (SSI), formerly known as Saigon Securities Incorporation, was established in 1999. SSI has its main business in providing services of brokerage, consulation and investment with a wide network in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Vung Tau. The Incorporation has already provided its services for both domestic and foreign investors with typical customers, including Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Vinamilk, Credit Suisse, BIDV, ANZ, C.T Group, Prudential VN, Deutsche Bank etc. that are big partners which can promote SSI possition in the region. In 2020, Revenue from brokerage services is equal to VND797 billion, increases by 36.99% y-o-y. Margin loan/Equity is equal to 91.29%. Profit from FVTPL is at VND776 billion, increases by 145.28% y-o-y. Profit from FVTPL accounts for 49.84% of the profit before tax. Income before tax is VND1558 billion increases by 40.89% y-o-y. Returns on equity (ROE) is 13.05%. SSI was listed on HNX in 2006, and then moved to HOSE since 2007.


Investment and Banking Services:
  • Corporate Finance Consultancy: Business Valuation Advisory, Corporate Financial Restructure Consultancy, listing securities on the stock market advisory, equitization advisory.
  • Merger and Acquisition Advisory.
  • Capital mobilization advisory.
Fund management:
  • Raising and managing investment funds.
  • Investment portfolio management, asset management.
  • Consulting, orienting investment strategy
Securities services:
  • Providing products and services for listed securities, derivatives, financial products and services; products and services of E-transactions.
  • Investment consultancy products, Approaching and analysing business services.
Capital service and finacial business:
  • Capital trading: Currency transaction, investment, Investment Trust.
  • Related bonds service;
  • Designing, building and trading of derivative services.


  • Brokerage 2020: The Company stands among the Top 3 with 8.13% of stock brokerage marketshare in UPCOM. The Company stands among the Top 1 with 12.33% of stock and fund certificate brokerage marketshare in Hose. Profit from brokerage services is VND172 billion, increases by 545.74% y-o-y and contributes 11.01% to the total profit before tax.Revenue from brokerage services is VND797 billion, increases by 36.99% y-o-y. SSI is ranked among the Top 2 with 7.62% of listed stock brokerage marketshare in HNX. In the derivative market, SSI is ranked among the Top 5 with 6.59% of derivative brokerage markeshare.
  • Proprietary trading 2020: Financial assets at fair value through profit and loss (FVTPL) is VND13252 billionincreases by 207.11%compared to the same period of last year. Profit from AFS is at VND219 billion, increases by 163.75% y-o-y. Available-for-sale financial assets (AFS) is at VND186 billion, decreases by -75.57% y-o-y. Profit from FVTPL is equal to VND776 billion, increases by 145.28% y-o-y. Profit from FVTPL accounts for 49.84% of the profit before tax.
  • Underwriting and issuance agency services 2020: Profit from underwriting and issuance agency services is at VND24 billion, increases by 77.12% y-o-y.
  • Loan provided for customers 2020: Loans provided for customers stands at VND9226 billion, increases by 72.15% y-o-y. Loans provided for customers/Current assets has a value of 31.77%. Margin loan stands at VND9012 billion, increases by 70.50% y-o-y. Margin loan/Equity is 91.29%.
  • Business performance 2020: Returns on equity (ROE) is equal to 13.05%. Returns on assets (ROA) is at 4.00%. Gross profit margin stands at 56.45%. Net profit margin is 28.76%. Income before tax is VND1558 billion increases by 40.89% y-o-y.


  • Focus on consolidating traditional markets, exploring new markets. The target is to reach 100 new relationships each year in both listed and unlisted businesses.
  • Continuing to improve the quality of product recommendations and investment advisory service; expanding and diversifying analyzed reports, Increasing margin deposits, diversifying on provide financial everage services; developing online trading tools such as derivative, warrants.
  • Investing on developing the new features of transaction interface system, increasing interactive and connecting with the customer.
  • Extra skilled staffs for all types of clients.
  • Ensuring the quality of capital management, maintaining No. 1 position of reputable securities company and financial potential on the market. Total assets increase by 10% annually.
  • Raising the company’s total managed asset, becoming a leading fund management company in Vietnam with three strategic orientations: (1) ) Strongly developing the domestic individual clients through opened funds and catalog management service. (2) Expanding domestic institutional and insurance clients. (3) Becoming a top choice partner of foreign organizations when investing in Vietnam’s stock market.
  • Providing comprehensive financial solutions to clients, focusing on the capital market segment, promoting M & A consultancy.
  • Establishing close relationships with major financial institutions in Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, India etc.
  • Focusing on the value-for-money investment strategy that is flexible and close to the market, balancing long-term strategic investments and passive investments.
  • Allocating investment portfolios to ensuring the full use of market growth and risk prevention.